Right after I did the first article on knee pain where I show you Part 1 of the video with the first two mobility exercises, I helped yet another person ease their knee pain and improve their range of motion in seconds.

My husband’s hair dresser was skate boarding and tripped and fell. I stopped by the salon while she was working on my hubby’s hair. She looked in pain as she stood there doing it. She told me that the swelling was down quite a bit, and while it was, I could still see some swelling. I did tell her to see a doctor about it to make sure all is in tact. She had been icing, elevating, but she still could not bend her knee and she has to stand on it for work –making things a bit more challenging for proper healing. However, I knew I could help her, so I asked her to show me what she couldn’t do, of-course being mindful. She squatted with barely any range and majorly favoring other leg. She also grabbed her foot in attempt to do a quadricep stretch and then showed me the range in her other leg and it was way different. After looking at what she did, I knew exactly what would help her.


Learn To Ease your knee pain with 4 simple mobility exercises continue reading here and watch the 3 min video in which I show you how!