Check this out, because it may help you drop those last unwanted pounds.

I just did a consultation over the phone with someone who eats fairly well, does exercise, but wants to take off the last few fat lbs.

She already goes to a Naturopath, but she just needed more direction on how to eat things and when to time them properly. For example: She has a good protein powder, at home, but has no idea when to use it. All in all, what she wanted was nutrition and exercise advise to get to her goals faster. Check out her story…

“Hey, I am Genesis Del Rosario I am 20 years old and I am a cancer survivor. Throughout my Chemotherapy process, I gained about 68 pounds that has not been easy to lose. Coach Yari always motivates me and gets me pumped up no matter what. Everything is about you wanting to do so and willing to give the best of whom you are and be firm on your decisions.

In my case, I always set goals and I accomplish them. Coach Yari has always offered me her help but I never had the courage until the auditions for “Mi belleza Latina 2011″ I said, “hold on I’m wasting my time, what am I doing,” and when I least expected it Coach Yari and I met up.

Coach Yari, whom is someone that has been persistent and unrelenting when it comes to helping whomever wishes to make a positive change, helped me in getting a plan of action together on many levels. Yari started me with a nutrition plan that allowed me to lose thirteen pounds in just two weeks. She not only motivates me but she also inspires me, she disciplines me and educates me on nutrition which in my case it has been a continuing progress and in a change on my daily days and my health.

What I like the most about Coach Yari is that most people can feel her ambitious vibe and can see her dedication when it comes to her job and passion. Helping others, the way she does, is not only moving but inspiring and hopefully one day I too can make a change in someone else’s life the way she has in mine. THANK YOU!”

I love it! This is where my expertise comes in handy.

Pay attention because this example might help you lose these last few fat lbs that you can’t seem to get rid of.

I’ll share with you her nutrition and her exercise regimen and then I’ll share with you how I’m improving it so she can take off those pounds in no time.

    • Wakes up at 7:30.


    • Has Yogurt and Banana for breakfast. (Ok, not too bad)


    • Walks for 45 min (Ok, it will give her peace of mind, and release endorphins)


    • 20 min later eats something like a grass fed burger, free range eggs, or chicken. (Good, she seems to respond well to protein)


    • 1 pm eats salmon and veggies (Perfect)


    • 5 pm grass fed burger or some form of good quality protein


    • 6 pm recently started doing sprints with her hubby. (Great)


  • 7-8 Protein veggies and at times sweet potatoes with it. (Good)

As you can see, she’s doing pretty good. So how could I make it better for her?


    1. For Breakfast, she should have a whey protein shake (she can chose to add coconut oil). Here she will conduct a trial and error test to see if with provides her with better energy for her workout.Whey protein is proven to have a more anabolic effect by providing amino acids for protein synthesis and triggers biochemical reactions to increase muscle. Whey protein is also a super antioxidant, as well as regulates blood sugar, and prevents metabolic disorders. Also, this does not take much digestion energy which is why its great for pre workout.

      She did mention she works better with something in her system. Otherwise, she could have done her workout without breakfast for a more fat burning effect, as well.


    1. She then will do 20 min of sprint walks instead of her 45 min workout. Or some form of High Intensity Workout Interval or PACE workout for about 15-20 min.High Intensity Exertion will boost her metabolism and burn more fat for up to 24-36 hours while at rest, increase muscle, provide her with more energy, and increase her heart and lung capacity for better health. And since, she likes her walks for peace of mind she can do that for 10-20 min.


    1. One last suggestion, which she will play with, is to have her swap out her burger or solid protein with another protein shake. I would include a little bit of berries or half banana, some raw green powder, and a little coconut oil. This may provide her with better energy for her workout.


  1. I suggested that saves her heavier meal, for last, so she should save that burger meat for the last meal. And she did well by adding some veggies and some complex carb for her last meal. Complex carb like a little potato, brown rice, sweet potato, Ezequiel toast towards the end of her meal. Or she can chose something like yogurt and some berries at the end of her meal. 2 hours before she goes to bed. She’ll sleep like a baby.

With those little changes, she will definitely lose those last 8 lbs. in no time!!