IMG_9107If you know me, you know that I’m not about diets, restriction or deprivation. Instead I teach a whole new approach to eating that is all about learning what’s best for YOU. Eating healthy isn’t about giving up the foods you love (or food in entirety!). Food should be enjoyed! It’s all about learning the frequency, portions, foods and timing that are perfect for you. And following that 80% of the time.

Want to know where to get started ? I recommend this nutritional typing test.


I define healthy as foods that are minimally processed, without pesticides, hormones, additives, or antibiotics. In other words, as close to nature as possible. Eat these most of the time. The food you eat and when you eat it will either help or hinder your weight and fat loss, so I’ve included some tips to optimize your nutrient intake. I recommend trying to incorporate one or two new things into your lifestyle at a time. Pick one that resonates with you and be sure to share your commitment with me on Facebook, so I can hold you accountable.

  • Eat frequently – Eat every 2.5 – 3 hours. After two to three hours without eating , gastric emptying occurs and your metabolism slows down. By eating frequently you are keeping your “fire” going, therefore enhancing your body’s ability to burn fat ! It’s also good to eat smaller portions throughout the day to keep your blood sugar levels stable.  
  • Eat the right foods for YOUR Body –  One very important thing to note, either on paper or mentally, is how you feel after eating certain foods. Does it make you bloated and lethargic? Or do you feel satisfied and full of energy? If it makes you feel bad, it’s unfortunately not a good food for you.  Start thinking what foods make you feel best when planning future meals.
  • Eat your nutrients at the optimal time of day – For example, choose more protein and/or veggies (protein shake, eggs, or even a piece of salmon with green juice) in the morning for breakfast over carbohydrates.  This allows your body to burn more fat throughout the day and prevents the lowering of your cortisol during the day when you need it most. This doesn’t mean you have to give up carbs though!
  • Keep only healthy food in your home – This leaves little room for eating “bad” things. Even when you treat yourself to chocolate, buy 80-85% cocoa. This way you’ll only eat a square or two because it’s so rich.
  • Don’t plan on so called “Cheat Days” – Simply eat as healthy as possible most of the time. If you have a sweet here and there, it’s actually better than having a whole day of splurging and overeating. When your body asks for extra calories in a day, you listen. For instance I had pizza last night – 2 slices of thin crust, mushroom, goat cheese. But this doesn’t mean I have pizza every day or even every week. I tune in, and when my body really craves it, I give it what it wants. And of course you’ll see with practice that you’ll only get better and better at knowing exactly what your body is asking for in every moment.

Change one or two of these things over the next few weeks and you’ll notice a difference in both your body and mind! Be sure to celebrate your transformation with me in the comments below, on Facebook or by tagging me @coachyari and #soulbodymethod on Instagram.