Did you watch me on my TLC show “Fat Chance” last week?

Thanks to those who wrote how much they love watching me transform the weight and health of participants on “Fat Chance,” and teach them how to love themselves.

I’m so happy you enjoyed the show!

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Oh, and before I forget….

I hope you’ll watch me on the next episode of TLC’s “Fat Chance” airing on June 16th-this coming Thursday!

This is a super-fun and powerful episode where I work with 6 foot 4 inch Derik, who is 100 pounds overweight. He’s awesome! You’re going to love watching the dynamic between the two of us, and how I help him lose weight and teach him to love himself.

This is a rare chance to purchase The SoulBody Method at the low cost of only $297.00, and learn how to combine mindset, nutrition, movement and soulset to achieve sustainable health and fitness results.

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I can’t wait to see you there!

Much love,

Coach Yari

PS: And don’t forget about the FREE one-on-one coaching session you’ll receive as an extra bonus. A $250.00 value!