Krissy is back with us today to talk about another element of the Soulbody Method – Mindset. Read on to see why this is one of her favorite elements and how incorporating this element has lead to not only sustainable weight loss…But, a fearless knowing of her ability to accomplish what ever goal it is she sets her sights on…

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Yay! Super excited to back with you toady and sharing all the juicy details on one of my favorite elements – MINDSET

I know without a shadow of a doubt it was this very element that was the missing puzzle piece that kept me on the never ending pursuit of happiness and weight-loss…Where I would almost have my goals in my grasp to only land-slide right back to my old ways.Sound Familiar?

Here is the deal – We all incorporate mindset into our daily routine whether we know it or not…The old Krissy was no exception. However, like most others I was not being deliberate in my thoughts. I thought when external conditions shifted and aligned then I would have that peace…then I would I would be happy…

Let’s take a peek into pre-SBM (SoulBody Method) Krissy’s mindset:

  • Gosh, if I could just _____________ (insert whatever condition…I had a ton!) Then I would be happy.
  • Ugh, look at me. I hate myself. I cannot believe I let myself go this far. 
  • When I am thin…Then I will put on a sexy dress and go dancing. (or insert whatever thing it is we hold ourselves back from doing because we don’t feel worthy)

This is where a shift was so needed. Coach Yari’s teachings helped me re-frame my mindset and doing so allowed me to become the DELIBERATE creator in not only the body of my dreams, but the life of my dreams.

A peek into Krissy’s mindset NOW:

  • I can choose happiness right in this moment…
  • Look at my shoulders, they are so strong…and my stomach with all that excess skin…that is a reminder that my body was able to create and nurture five beautiful lives…Wow, I am BAD-ASS
  • I am going to the store and I am going to buy the sexy dress -NOW! Not ten pounds from now…not a flat stomach from now… I am going to dance like no one is watching NOW…because NOW is all I have and I am worthy right here in this moment…

Doesn’t that feel better? To be released from those beliefs that hold us prisoner and stuck in our “reality” – With a simple shift in mindset ALL becomes possible

What I learned through The SoulBody Method’s element of mindset is this –

It is our internal conditions that shape and mold our external conditions…including our body. Our bodies, our relationships, and our careers are all just mirrors of our internal reality…When we begin to shift our inner world our outer world WILL change. 

PLEASE HEAR ME OUT…I can hear some of you right now cursing at the computer screen – Krissy, it is not that easy…you don’t understand what I am going through.

I understand that life presents us certain obstacles, be it challenging people or circumstances… In fact, as I sit here and write this to you, my life is FULL of challenges. I just lost my father, Both of my vehicles broke down on the same day with five kids and Christmas right around the corner, and I could go on…

What are my options here?

I could definitely choose to be miserable and justify it…It may even feel good in the moment to pass the responsibility for my misery. But, in doing so I give all my power away to those people, to those conditions. Because when I place blame onto others my happiness will always be in the hands of others or situations out of my control and out of reach.

I am too powerful for that…You are too powerful for that…

OR I can choose something different – I can feel all those emotions that come along with the death of my father and financial burden of my broken vehicles and I can still choose happiness. I can look at this situation with new eyes and see the beauty and gifts in it all.

AND in taking full responsibility for our happiness and our thoughts regardless of external conditions – We reclaim all of our power.  Pretty Amazing!

So there it is – Mindset…In a delicious sparkly nut shell… Pretty exciting if you ask me!

I believe we are all artists – in life we are all given a different medium to work with, a different canvas to paint upon…But, we all can create beauty. 

It all starts with mindset. What will your masterpiece look like? 


I’ll be back with you tomorrow sharing on nutrition and why I have NOT counted calories in years!

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