Discover an amazing new way to lose weight by utilizing body, mind and spirit and get your dream body faster and easier than you ever imagined possible!
Without dangerous diet pills, supplements, disgusting tasting diet drinks, starvation diets, expensive gym memberships, risky surgery or counting any calories!
I’m Coach Yari, world renowned inspirational coach and transformative fitness authority. You’ve probably seen me on MTV’s hit show, “I Used To Be Fat,” and other media outlets, and most recently helping overweight people get their dream bodies on TLC’s show, “Fat Chance.”


I’ve developed a radical and super successful way to lose weight that uses deep healing over harsh diets, counting success over calories, and unconditional self-love over extreme exercise.

It’s my passion and highest joy to help you obtain the body of your dreams and deserve without deprivation, restriction, stress, and extreme exercise.

My powerful method integrates body, mind, and spirit for total transformation of your body and life with phenomenal results…. faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible!

I know you can’t wait to learn all the exciting details of my incredible program, and I promise I’ll share them with you in a minute.

But first…

Let me ask you a quick question…

Are you still buying into any of these outdated myths that are holding you back from getting your dream body, such as….

  • Losing weight is always a difficult and painful process
  • Starvation and fad diets are the only way to burn fat
  • Joining an expensive gym and working out every day are necessary to lose weight
  • Gaining weight is an inevitable part of aging and nothing can be done about it
  • Losing weight takes an enormous amount of will power and self-discipline
  • Hiring a personal trainer is the only way to lose weight
  • It’s “normal” to feel miserable while trying to shed pounds


And it makes me sad that so many intelligent women and men are buying into those ridiculous lies, which prevents them from shedding pounds and getting their dream bodies.

And at one point in my life, I bought into those same myths myself!

At the age of 19 I set out to have the “perfect body” by signing myself up for an NPC Figure Competition, thinking that this would make me happy and solve all my insecurities that I accrued throughout my childhood and teen years.

What I found was the complete opposite!

Yes, I had my so-called “perfect body” and a trophy in hand, but I felt completely empty and miserable inside. I know exactly how it feels to be a “slave” to my body with insane dieting, deprivation, long hours of cardio and killing myself at the gym.

I was miserable!

Deep down, I knew there must be a much better way to get into shape without it being a such a difficult and painful struggle.

I boldly took a left turn as I felt inspired from my heart to not only free myself, but also help to free others in their endless struggle with weight and endless pursuit of happiness.

The heaviness and imprisonment I felt within my own body, which led to various physical ailments, became my greatest gift and the driving force behind my work to help others. My own powerful path of developing self-love and acceptance would also turn out to be the solution that helped others become their authentic selves.

I spent countless hours learning everything about nutrition, science and exercise. I studied both mainstream and holistic approaches, and read almost every self-help book on the market. I knew I had to work on my inner self – on my pain, insecurities, fears, and limiting beliefs. I participated in meditation, deep healing workshops, Course in Miracles classes, deep prayer, and even shamanic ceremonies, and anything else my “gut” told me to do.

And that’s how The SoulBody Method was born, a comprehensive body, mind and lifestyle makeover designed to guide you to your unique truth, which is where powerful healing lies.

My mission is to share my vast knowledge and wisdom from my incredible 15+ year journey of discovery with as many individuals around the world as possible, and help them authentically and sustainably lose weight and become healthy.

I truly believe everyone deserves to live their most joyful and meaningful life, and have a smokin’ hot body to go with it!

I’ve developed a proven way to have a healthy and sexy body without starvation diets, risky surgery, diet pills, excessive exercise, and other unsustainable methods women and men have been led to believe are the answers.
The SoulBody Method proves shedding stubborn pounds and getting your dream body does not have to be sheer torture! With my 3 week program, you’ll experience a total transformation of your mind, body and entire life. You’ll discover that getting that sexy shape you’ve always longed for is an enjoyable and fun journey, leading to improved health and well-being, and permanent weight loss.

By following my incredible program, you’ll gain abundant energy, develop self-confidence, have superior health, and develop total mastery over your mind and body, enabling you to reach all your weight loss goals super quickly!

Thousands of women and men of all ages and fitness levels have successfully shed massive amounts of weight using The SoulBody Method. Many of them had tried for years to shed pounds on other weight loss and diet programs, but The SoulBody Method was the only weight loss system that helped them rapidly lose massive amounts of stubborn fat!

Why is The SoulBody Method more powerful than every other weight loss and diet program on the market?

You see, other weight loss programs fail because they work from the outside in by only treating the symptom of weight gain, and not the deeper issues. My program is designed to work on all levels of mind, body and spirit, rather than focusing solely on exterior appearances. The ultimate goal is for you to feel good, so you look good.

Rather than an overly controlling, cookie cutter approach that other diet and exercise programs use, The SoulBody Method customizes its approach to focus on the uniqueness of who you are, and your exact needs for optimum healing and weight loss.

With loving guidance and support, The SoulBody Method allows you the freedom to discover what is uniquely healthy for you, which sets you up for lasting lifelong success. We focus on mastering 4 key elements: Mindset, Movement, Nutrition, and Soulset. Once we begin, you’ll start seeing powerful results in just three weeks!

“I have lost 8% body fat since I began working out the Coach Yari way! I had to replace all of my pants, NONE of them fit anymore.”   Dianella R.

What I really like about the workouts was that I could do them from home. After long hours at work, I didn’t have time to go to the gym. But, even if I didn’t have a lot of time, a 15 minute workout with Coach Yari was always possible. – Roland Roland

“In just 21 days I gained muscles in my arms, abs, legs and back, and gained a new outlook on my life. I’m stronger, healthier, happier and I feel free – free from the fear that I couldn’t change my body, free from the fear that I couldn’t be my ideal self and free from the fear that I wasn’t good enough.” Kimberly R.

I used to think that if I looked good, I would feel good, too. But I had it backwards! The truth is, when you feel good, you look great!

You’ll get in touch with your unique fitness needs, and work out in a non-competitive atmosphere at your own pace.

You’ll learn how to nurture your body with delicious foods that are the healthiest for you, rather than blindly following what diet gurus tell you to eat.

You’ll discover how negative thoughts affect your weight, and learn how to consciously release them to add more fun and play into your life.

You’ll create a healing and healthy mindset to finally put an end to the lifelong battle you’ve had with your body. You’ll start looking and feeling the best you ever have!

My course will propel you effortlessly to the body and life you’ve always desired….in only 3 short weeks! You’ll receive a total transformation of your mind, body and life. It really is that simple and there’s absolutely NO catch!

The SoulBody Method will quickly teach you how to……

  • Ignite your body’s ability to naturally release weight, burn fat and lose inches super quickly
  • You’ll see results in less than half the time a normal workout program takes
  • Create a crystal clear vision of what you truly want to achieve so you know exactly where you’re going with a perfect plan of action
  • Gain a healthy new relationship with your body so it works for you, rather than against you
  • Fully activate muscle performance to improve your overall strength, core, mobility, and flexibility
  • Discover the hidden bad habits, and drastically eliminate the barriers that leave you prone to failure
  • Align your soul, body, & mind for everlasting results!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Sounds too good to be true? Here’s what a few grateful graduates of the SoulBody Method have to say…..

“The SoulBody Method changed my whole outlook on losing weight.”

For me I just looked at the number on the scale, I was starving myself and I was working out for 1.5 hours everyday. I went to a gym and was not seeing the results that I was working so hard to accomplish.

When I started the program I was a size 22 and went down to a size 14. I learned how to feed my body and that a 45 minute workout could get the job done in a better way than I was doing on my own. I was loving myself in a way that I had never been able to do before.


“I lost 9 pounds while getting stronger, my clothes fit better, I have energy to do things I want to do after work, and I am eating much more healthy.”

I’m a 48 year old guy who was looking to lose weight and gain energy. And the SoulBody Method program did that for me!

Often times when she counts out a set of 10 reps, she will break into a story and you will end up doing 12. The healthy meals are easy to prepare, taste great, and most importantly, I’m not hungry.

Brian H.

Check out all the truly incredible info you’ll receive in The SoulBody Method….

  • 17 progressive, scientifically-proven workouts that help you get results in half the time!
  • Easy-to-follow customized nutrition plans for your unique body type.
  • A daily blueprint so you know what to eat and when, including a detailed weekly grocery list
  • Access to my exclusive membership site and online group for just those in this Program. You’ll meet others going through the same 21-day journey, as well as experienced SoulBody graduates who have “been there, done that.” They’ll be available to support you through your journey and inevitable success!
  • 24/7 email access to me, answering your questions.
  • 3 Live Group Mentoring sessions by two of my most successful students/friends, Krissy & Heidi. They’ll share their experiences with the SoulBody Method and guide you in continuing to live a fulfilling, quality life.
  • 3 Recorded Coaching Sessions with me to give you a solid foundation that will support you not only for the 3 weeks, but for the rest of your life.
  • And much, much more!
Imagine yourself,  joyfully living your life FREE of all limitations. Will you grab my hand and allow me to guide you gracefully to finally let go of the weight that is holding you back for good?
It’s Time 

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