To grain or not to grain? That is the question…It can be so confusing right, we live in the age of information and there is tons of info coming at you all of time, most of it contradicting.

Let me help you clear that up!

As an industry expert of over fifteen years, I am continually immersing myself in the latest knowledge when it comes to movement, supplementation, and nutrition. My approach to wellness is constantly evolving as new information becomes available. My goal is to deliver to you the most up-to-date research and information to give you the tools needed to be the best possible version of yourself. All of the research and hands-on experience has led me to this conclusion

Vote NO when it comes to grains! (With a few exceptions you will see below)

Here’s Why – (the short condensed version)

They Are Toxic!

Throughout evolutionary history grass was pretty much mammals main course. Because of the nifty way things work grass, as a defense mechanism, developed toxins specific to mammals…meaning us. So perfect right…because most of us don’t eat grass EXCEPT the cereal grains; wheat, corn, rice, barley, oats, rye…etc that are all the seeds of grass. Cereal grains are actually one of THE MOST TOXIC foods. Legumes follow behind closely.

Please keep in mind that this does not even account for the

  • Modern Industrial Milling – Stripping nutrients from the grains
  • Genetic Alteration
  • Irradiation and Pesticide Use

What does this mean for me?

  • Inflammation- Because your body is a resilient amazing love machine and because when you are eating grain you are putting toxins into your body your brilliant immune system responds…and responds…and responds…this chronic low- grade inflammation leads to a basket full of problems including
    • Auto-immune disease
    • Leaky gut, poor digestion, bloating, and diarrhea
    • Interfere with vitamin D production
    • Depression, Alzheimer’s….the list goes on and on…


What Can I Do?

Give it a Try!  Don’t take my word for it…or anyone’s for that matter. Take the next two weeks and try and eliminate grain from your diet. See how you feel. If you are feeling like you just cannot give up on the grain please check out the following tips

  • Eat Sprouted – Sprouted is best! When consuming grains try to buy sprouted.  During the sprouting process enzymes are released, breaking down proteins and carbohydrates making it easier to digest and increasing nutrient density.

***You will usually find sprouted bread in the organic frozen food section…Ezekiel bread is my go to fav.

  • Soak Your Nuts-This process releases enzyme inhibitors making them more digestible and neutralizes phytic acid which when active reduces mineral absorption. To soak, simply lay in a dish and cover with filtered water. Let soak overnight.
  • Eat White Rice– During the process of cooking, the toxins in this grain are eliminated and the proteins rendered digestible. Still tune in and see how your body responds to it.


Try this out for a couple of weeks and then head on over to my Facebook page and let me know how it went!

****All this being said I want you to know that completely eliminating something that you enjoy out of your diet may not be sustainable. Indulging in a product with grain in it once in awhile,  is much different than making it the staple of your diet. If you decide to indulge please do tune in and listen to your body and use the tips above. See how your body reacts to the grain and decide from that place if you truly enjoy eating it.Often times when we become more aware of our bodies, we tune in more to how these foods make us feel (bloated, lethargic, etc…)and what was once a treat we no longer desire…


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