Everyday you wake up you can look at the world, yourself, and situations, as the glass half empty or half full. In other words, you can chose to see scarcity, lack of, problems with, what you don’t have… or you can chose to look at the positive things, what you do have, and the opportunities you can create from the things that happen. Notice I did not say happen to YOU… things just happen, how you chose to take them on is your choice.

Which one do you chose to do?

Are you one to say Why does this happen to me?

~ OR ~

Are you one to ask What can I do about it?

By choosing the first question, you are selecting to focus on something that is in the past and then thinking how this will affect your future. Funny thing is there is no present there. There is No “Gift” in that form of thinking, just suffering, more negative thinking, and drawing more undeserving moments to happen.

By choosing the second one, you are on the upward spiral of creativity. You are seeing an opportunity to create a change. By doing so you are in the present. There is the “gift.”

You can apply this to anything in life including losing weight or getting in shape.

Are you opting to be proactive towards your goals or are you continuing to make excuses?

Be fearless, go for it, do it, let go, Go! ( Yeah that’s me, being a total cheerleader. LOL!)

Personally, everyday I wake up, I want to serve the world. I want to do good for others. And in writing this today, my intention comes from love. In the past when I have written certain things, some of my newsletter subscribers have written in an angry tone and have felt attacked (although most emails I’ve gotten are really positive). I just wanted to be clear of why I am expressing my intention, but I never have regrets because I do everything from the heart, no matter the outcome. Point is, it goes to show how we can chose the way we take things on: either as an attack or an opportunity to make a change.

Oh and by the way, I just saw this awesome documentary film by Tom Shadyec, the director of Liar Liar, Ace Ventura, the Nutty Proffesor, and lots others, which actually brought about this little email. Just wanted to share it with you because it is so amazing and I wish everyone could watch it. We all need to be reminded every once in a while that we all are powerful beyond measure and have the power to do, be, and have anything. You are the writer of your story… how do you wish to impact the world?

Check out the trailer below: