If you want to get an awesome leg workout in a very short amount of time (Only 2-4 min), burn fat, increase your heart and lung capacity, reduce the risk of diabetes (1), increase aerobic capacity, and get incredibly powerful and amazing looking legs then do this workout with me!

In this video I demonstrate how to take just ONE exercise (I show a beginner, intermediate and advanced) that uses the entire leg (calfs, hamstrings, quads, glutes) and make it as effective as possible using the Tabata Protocol: 20 sec. on, 10 sec rest 8 x to equal 4 minutes which burn an extra 150 calories at rest time, 12 hours after exercise. (1) And, most of these calories come from FAT!

To learn my 4 minute killer leg workout continue reading here and watch the 2 min video in which I show you how!