I really wanted to inspire you this holiday weekend! I asked one of my students and mentor of the SoulBody Method program, Krissy, to share the story of her fitness journey. Her journey from failure to freedom began four years ago as she was continually met with failures no matter which path she took. She began to seek out a different way. She knew there had to be a way to achieve her weight-loss goals without fear and self-loathing holding her hostage. This is where our paths crossed.

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A Note From Krissy:

I am so incredibly honored to be sharing my story with you this holiday season. This time of year is meant to be joyfully celebrated with the ones we love and yet for many this time of year can be one of the most challenging.

For me, the holiday season used to be a time a year I wanted to feel the joy and gratitude I knew “should” be feeling… But,I was so preoccupied. Preoccupied with my unhealthy relationship with food (food addiction) and with my own self-loathing…I was ashamed of my body that was carrying around 80 extra pounds. Eighty pounds every year I promised myself I would lose…and eighty pounds that was still there at the end of the year as a reminder of the broken promises to myself.n

Let me just say, It is not that I didn’t try…Holy Moly, my trying game was on point! And here is the thing…I would lose some of the weight…and I would gain it right back, over and over and over again.

Pretty heavy stuff…BUT here is where it gets good my friend…I totally recognized this crazy train I was on and I wanted more than anything to hop off this vicious cycle. 

I began asking questions and seeking answers. This time however, they were different questions…Instead of asking, How can I lose 80 pounds in the quickest and easiest way possible?…I began asking questions like –

  • Why do I keep gaining this weight back?
  • How can I break this cycle?
  • What is it within me that is causing this? AND
  • Is there a way that I can lose this weight and keep it off for good? 

And I have to tell you…Something very powerful happens when you start asking questions…The answers, they start to appear. 

AND I did find my answers…This where Coach Yari and The SoulBody Method entered my life. Though the process was simple it was NOT easy. What I discovered is the process of losing the weight, of healing my food addiction…This was all an inside job.

Doing the inside work was far more challenging than any physical challenge set in front of me ever. Essentially what this program does is gives us the tools to love ourselves…Sounds a little cliche or even cheesy…

I am here to tell you that loving ourselves in a world that tells us we need to be everything BUT ourselves is one of the bravest and rewarding things we can do. And loving ourselves is how the weight comes off…and STAYS OFF for good. 

*A Note On “Hard” Work.

The thought of doing this program exhilarated me, yet left me wondering if I wanted to do all the “hard work” of eating healthy, exercising, seeking inward…I then had this realization of what else was hard…

  • Waking up every day and carrying eighty extra pounds around.
  • Not being able to put on a dress and feel sexy.
  • Not being able to play and keep up with my five (then small) children. Knowing that Type II diabetes was barreling down the tunnel for me.

So I simply had to  “choose my hard”

AND what is so freaking amazing about our resilient human body and spirit is that what was hard for me became my easy. Now, at almost 39…I look younger than I did at 34…I can do more physically than I did at 18 and I have ZERO fear of ever going back. 

Through the teachings of the SoulBody Method what I learned is this-

My worthiness existed because I existed…I did not need to seek out happiness…I was happiness. It had never escaped me and waited for me to find it hidden in some far off goal. All it took was me remembering and claiming it.

What I ultimately realized is my transformational journey was purely an inside job and the aesthetic results that followed was an effortless result from the shift that took place within. From moving from fear to LOVE. It is the only approach that I have found to be sustainable.; The only approach that makes me feel ALIVE and FREE in my body. 

The four elements of the SoulBody Method; nutrition, movement, mindset, and in my opinion the most important, soul-set, have worked together synergistically to take me on the most beautiful journey of remembering…  

Over the few please watch your inbox as I am going to share on each one of these elements and how they have transformed my life and how they can absolutely shift your life as well! 

All my love,



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