There is always all that talk about positive thinking, but does it really help to achieve lasting happiness and lasting Results?

Positive thinking and affirmations are great and have their place for attaining goals and keeping motivated, however it is NOT the cure for lasting happiness, it is ONLY temporary fix. Even though positive thinking is a stepping stone towards a better and happier life, Positive thinking will only keep you in the Pursuit of Happiness-

When I have “V” cut in my abs, I will be happy;

When I get my black BMW 6 series, I will be happy;

When I get the perfect boyfriend, I will be happy;

When I get the newest IPhone, I will be happy.

Do you see where I am getting at? It is a chase outside of you, you think you will find “out there”, when in reality it is already inside of you… yet we still keep looking out there.

Food for thought:

When you have that car or that girl/guy or that perfect body, how long does it take before you want something more? Or what happens when you get the new car and it gets scratched or someone dings it?  What happens when the perfect girl or boy does something you don’t agree with?  What happens if you can’t workout for weeks due to an injury? Do you lose your sense of peace?  However, don’t mistaken that I am saying that acquiring these things  you have set your intentions for are bad or wrong. Experience them, enjoy them, and embrace them. BUT, don’t attach yourself to them. Nothing lasts forever. Not the car, not your body, and not your dream person.  The  only thing remaining “true” and long lasting is what is inside you, and I don’t mean your organs or brain. I mean that sense of self, the awareness, the energy, the love and peace that resides within you.

One of my favorite quotes is ” Looking for lasting happiness outside yourself is meaningless, its like expecting to become fit by watching other people exercise”

The Atonement (change in perception from wrong mindedness into right mindedness)

When you Get the root cause out, or the limiting belief that is constantly making you lose your peace, and you then let it go there is a  true shifting of perception. When something just is or you feel neutral towards it, and there is no judgement as to if its good or bad, that’s when you have let go ;) – that’s how you know.

Thought is the cause; experience is the effect. If Fear is in your mind; fear is in your life. If you change your perception, you will shift your experience. If you lost your peace (when something makes you upset, fearful, anxious, mean, etc.)think about what made you lose it?  then figure out the limiting belief.  And then, surrender-give up- the belief and see how your perception truthfully shifts. A belief is something made up in your mind,  Its not really real -its just something you learned to b true, but without real basis- just thinking.  A belief is only what you define it as. All that you are is an energy and extension of love, anything else other than love, or coming from a pure loving state,  is a false identification.

Like in the movie or book EAT, PRAY, LOVE- the part where she talks to God and asks for help- that is surrendering. She felt as though she could not do it on her own, she dropped her ego, and was not afraid to ask for help. If you surrender your belief of the way something should or shouldn’t be, and ask that “God” or the Universe, your higher self, or _______________ , to take this belief from you and bring you Peace instead or a better way to see things, then is when you can change.  There is Something other than your mind, which only is able to process about 10-20% of the billion things happening all at once, is the thing that we all have access to that can process 100% of it, and comes from a place of love and Oneness rather than what your isolated mind thinks to be true.

The problem will never be anyone or anything else outside of you, it is only your perception that determines whether or not you will lose your sense of Peace. (feeling angry, sad, shame, guilt, fearful, etc.- that’s how you know you have lost your peace).  Positive thinking alone, is not the answer.

My suggestions:

1. Learn to meditate

2. Do focused breathing or meditation at least 5 -15 min a day. Start off with 5 and work your way up. (form a spiritual practice, whatever that means to you)

3. Love yourself at all times, whether or not you have that dream body, or dream life. You are perfect as you are.

4. Love the things that upset you, those are reminders that you still have to work on yourself and find peace within you.

5. Begin to notice what beliefs you are attached to, give them up, and you will not get as upset anymore!

6. Do notice negative thinking, replace them with positive thinking. It is important, but not everything.

7. Life is meant to be experienced in every way. Nothing is ever bad nor good, it will only depend on the meaning you give it. For if you did not experience bad, you would not know what good is.