To Supplement or not to supplement? That is the question!

You may also wonder about it, as well as WHICH supplements are most important.

What are the reasons for supplementing with certain vitamins and minerals?
I’ll give you more than a couple reasons why it would be wise to consider supplementing.
For one, our food supply is not supplying us with the same nutrition it did in previous generations.
Two, if you are not eating a diet that is organic and unprocessed, you are ingesting toxic agricultural chemicals and you ARE most likely suffering from nutritional deficiencies. Period!
Three, If you are not consuming more than 3 servings of Veggies and at least 2 of fruit daily, you are not getting adequate nutrient density.
Four, you probably aren’t getting enough omega 3 in your diet unless you are consuming something like wild Alaskan salmon at least 2x a week. And yes I said wild, as other salmon is going to have less omega 3 and much more omega 6 which actually causes inflammation when it is not in the right ratios with omega 3. a proper ratio would be 2:1 of omega 6 to 3 and usually for the average American those numbers are completely off the charts and are more like 20:1. Talk about high levels of inflammation, add that to stress, and bingo- sickness, overweight, excess fat, disease, depression, etc.
Should I keep going? Lol!
I’ll give you just a couple more to not overwhelm you.
Five, Our soil is not very fertile anymore! Because of the methods of farming being used, the soil is stripped of the vital nutrients. Unless your food is 100% organic, it’s questionable.
Six, if you, like most people today undergo large levels of stress, then you are more than likely going to need supplements since your body will not process things the same and will not absorb nutrients as efficiently as it would if you were living easy breezy, and had no worries in life, or at least led your life with a no worry perspective, because that is possible, it’s just that there is much training and practice to live a more joyful stress-free life… which is much of what I’m wanting to teach you with the information I put out.
One more- Exercising! If you begin an exercise program, your body will need more nutrients to support the energy, the repair and recovery of the tearing of tissue and building new.
Before letting you know the top 6 QUALITY supplements I recommend (not all supplements are created equal) Here are 6 ways of improving your daily nutrition and then maybe you won’t have to supplement as much.
  1. Buy Organic as much as possible
  2. Avoid GMO (genetically modified organisms) – end of story!
  3. Make sure that in the least your meats don’t contain nitrites, hormones or antibiotics. If it does not say it in the label then it does contain it 99% of the time.
  4. Get food grown as nature intended. For example, buy pasture fed eggs vs. just organic or cage free. or Grass fed beef instead of just organic because this could mean it was given organic grain to eat.
  5. Fresh as much as possible. So buying an organic blueberry that came from Chile or Argentina, may not be as good in nutrient density as blueberries that are local. Although what I do personally is when a fruit like blueberry is not in season, I buy them organic wild and frozen.
  6. Make sure it doesn’t contain artificial ingredients. So if you see a name on the label you can’t pronounce or you see aspartame or red, yellow with a number next to it, you bet it’s got artificial stuff in it!
Why is one supplement superior to another? As for My top 6 Quality Supplements I first have to tell you why one would be of higher quality.
When I talk about quality vitamins and minerals I mean that they aren’t derived from a synthetic substance. For example, regular Vitamin C on the shelves will 99% of the time say Ascorbic Acid in the label. What you want to find instead is 100% Oranges or Camu Camu or Acerola Berries. This means it is derived from a whole food!
The importance of a vitamins and minerals coming from whole food is that synthetic vitamins and minerals are not identical to natural ones, and typically cannot be efficiently used by your body. If you are interested in learning more about the Truth of Vitamins and minerals, I’ll share with you the interview I did on Dr. Frank Charles, ND who has 21 years of clinical practice and 17 years doing clinical support. Ill post it below.
Ok, without further ado, Here are my Top 6 Supplement Picks including the Brands that are of the Highest Quality in my professional opinion.
Supplement # 1: Vitamin D3 by Innate Response – Vitamin D-3 by Innate provides this critical component of optimal health. True Active™ FoodState® vitamin D-3 is an effective, bioavailable whole food form of vitamin D, complete with the amino acids and sterols which act to catalyze mineral utilization.* Vitamin D-3 plays a vital role in bone health and immune health, calcium utilization, cardiovascular and lung health. With vitamin D deficiencies at an all-time high, supplementation of this nutrient is of paramount importance. This comprehensive formulation also includes an organic whole foods blend, an immune blend and plant-sourced enzymes. Vitamin D-3 by Innate is an extraordinary 100% whole food solution to support overall wellbeing.
Supplement # 2: B Complex by Innate Response – B Complex is specially crafted to provide a balanced spectrum of all the essential B vitamins and their inherent co-factors as found in food. Promoting energy and the health of the nervous system, B vitamins are an integral component to a whole food diet. This skillful nutrient mix also provides folate, the biologically active form of this nutrient that inherently exists in whole food, as well as nutrient-rich organic spinach for its synergistic co-nutrients and chlorophyll. Further enhancing this formula is an immune blend, and plant-sourced enzymes. Derived from 100% whole food, B Complex provides a balanced ratio of B vitamins in their most bioavailable food form.
Supplement # 3: Vitamin C by Innate Response – This one of the best anti-aging and repair and recovery vitamins that exist! Innate Response C 400 is awesome because it has the most natural source (from 100% Oranges, not synthetic ascorbic acid) of vitamin C per tablet.
Supplement # 4: Probiotics – Ultimate Flora by Innate Response A MUST!! Good bacteria. By definition, probiotics are live micro-organisms thought to be healthy for the host organism. That’s because they aid in digestion, nutrient absorption, and metabolism. (and if you’ve ever had stomach problems, you can start saying goodbye to ’em!) whole food full spectrum non freeze dried or heated supplement with now binders or fillers. Second best I like Renew Life Brand.
Supplement # 5: Enzymes – A complete high quality broad spectrum food based digestive enzyme formula to maximize nutrients and detoxification from what you eat. These are necessary to properly digest food, assimilate, and absorb especially when doing lots of food combining in your meals. Use right before larger meals. I’m really liking the Now Brand because it contains Hydrochloric Acid which many of us can be deficient in. Enzymes should be able to provide you with an easy feel on your digestion. This is certainly something to test with your body, but it is one of the things I truly believe in for myself and for many of my students who have taken it, has given me positive feedback. Individuals that have very good digestive systems who never really experience gas or bloat when eating foods, it may not be as necessary. But if gas, bloat, lethargy, and indigestion is something you experience, seriously you have got to give these a try!
Supplement #6 : Krill Oil! Best for Omega 3. I personally consume a lot of omega 3 from my foods such as organic pasture fed eggs, wild salmon, chia seeds, grass fed beef, avocado, and coconut oil. If you aren’t consuming much of these foods, then this may be a good one to get.
Bonus Supplement: One World Whey! The Best Whey protein of its kind! No hormones, antibiotics, artificial ingredients, pesticides, and first Cold Pressed Whey Protein with a unique way of processing that leaves this protein undenatured, unlike 99.9 % of the other whey proteins out there on the market. It comes from a family owned Amish farms.
I take every single one of these. I noticed that when at points in time I stopped taking the supplements my body’s immune system was not as strong and I did experience getting sick. When I take them, I don’t get sick. Even with all the organic food I eat, the meditation I do, I simply need help with through supplementation because I do have demanding work. Quite possibly, later in my life when I’m not working as much and not going after these big projects I want to accomplish, I may not need as much supplementation. Until then, I’ll keep you posted.
Oh, and One more thing I began incorporating this year on a frequent basis that has given me more energy and vitality is: Juicing! I drink a green juice and add green apple for taste, at least 4x a week. Love it!
Most of the Supplements I just mentioned you can get from HorizonHealthShop as they will not have these supplements at Whole Foods or even other major nutrition stores. I became an affiliate of theirs because I want to support the best and Highest Quality Products or Brands and Genuine, authentic, caring people. You can use my code yferra05 and get 5% discount! On their site I also have “Coach Yari’s Corner” that features all my top supplement picks in case you want to check that out too!
There you have it my friend! Hope I didn’t overload you. Just take the best and leave the rest. Implement what you can from this information. If that means getting only one of the supplements or buying more organic non-gmo for now, Great!! It’s a direction to better health & well-being.
With Much love, dedication, and enthusiasm,
Coach Yari
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