Happy Thursday Friend! Two more elements left and as promised Krissy is back with us today to talk about Nutrition.

Although nutrition is an essential element of weight-loss…My philosophy is NOT the typical calorie in – calorie out philosophy…In fact, I have not counted calories in years…and neither has Krissy. Read below to hear how her she is finally FREE from all of her restricting beliefs about nutrition.

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So honored to back with you today to discuss NUTRITION and hopefully after reading this info…you too can have a mind-shift and some relief and freedom surrounding this topic!

Today will be short and sweet I promise! So, let’s dig in…


SO much info is out there…all professing to be the exclusive truth that holds the key to ultimate health and weight-loss…

  • Should I eat vegan, paleo, what about raw vegan?
  • To yolk or not to yolk…
  • Carbs – are those evil or essential?
  • Do I avoid fruit all together?
  • Exactly, how many calories do I consume?
  • What about my macros – Wait, what even are macros?

AHHHHHHH! How exhausting! What is even more exhausting is once you start looking you will find evidence that supports paleo only to read another that vilifies it and so on. Welcome to the chaos of my mind in 2012, as I was drowning in information desperate to find the magic formula that was going to work for me…

Again, I need to ask…Where is the freedom in this?

I am beyond grateful to have met Coach Yari and for her philosophies on nutrition…because here is the thing my friend…There is NO SECRET FORMULA.

All our bodies are uniquely designed…and the most beautiful thing about our bodies is they are the most powerful messengers ever…

When we learn to tune in and listen to our bodies they will tell us what makes us feel good and we will become more aware of how your body reacts to certain foods and decide from that place if we truly enjoy eating it.

Often times when we become more aware of our bodies, we tune in more to how these foods make us feel (bloated, lethargic, etc.…) and what was once a treat we no longer desire…TRUE FREEDOM!

Let me give you an example, currently my body is thriving on lots of veggies, green juice, and fish. A year ago at this time I felt my best when I was eating high fat (avocados etc) and animal protein. I have learned to pay attention to how my body feels with certain foods and eat accordingly!

We learn to eat out of LOVE for our body…to FUEL our body...And we do it in a way that is without guilt or shame or requires an app to track every morsel of food we put into our body…This is how we lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF.

What I have learned over the past four years is this…restriction never works…It leaves us in a space of desiring what we cannot have…It keeps us stuck.

I promise you there is a better way…and it available to us all – We just have to be willing.



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