I hope you were able to checkout Krissy’s story yesterday. If not head on over to my blog and check it out…Super inspiring! As promised Krissy is joining us again today to talk about one of the four elements of the Soulbody Method – Movement!

Read on to see why the SoulBody Method’s element of movement is NOT synonymous with the typical spending hours in the gym slaving away and what it is that makes it uniquely effective and sustainable.

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Much Love, 

I so happy to be back today and talking about the four elements of the SoulBody Method. It is these elements that gave me the tools and empowered me to be free from all that was holding me back, excess weight included, once and for all…

Let’s talk about movement…

Typically speaking when we think of movement and weight loss we think of

  • long grueling hours in the gym
  • endless hours of cardio
  • whatever other torture we are told will deliver our body of our dreams.

Tell me, where is the freedom it that? Doesn’t sound super empowering to me… For me, the reason I wanted to lose the excess weight was to be free in my body…not become a slave to it…Which is exactly what I did for years, I became a prisoner to my body and this was the exact reason I could not sustain my weight loss.

I have a confession –

Four years ago when I had my first encounter with Coach Yari and her method I was skeptical…I was running 5 plus miles a day…I was sweating away doing workout videos for another hour a day…and my progress was completely stagnant. I was stagnant. I was ready to break and go drown my sorrows in chocolate cake because if I couldn’t lose the weight I might as well eat cake!

Luckily for me, I was kind of serendipitously introduced to Coach Yari. I was nervous to say the least that her workouts that range anywhere from 15-30 minutes were going to somehow deliver the results that 2 hours a day were not…

But, what did I have to lose? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results…and I had nothing to lose in giving it a try.

And let me tell you I am so glad I did…In three weeks with the SoulBody Method I lost 15 lbs and 5 inches off my waist!! My mind was blown and my jeans were too big! Amazing combination!

All Four Images were taken in 2012…. From February – November 

Here is was what I have learned about movement in the last four years….movement is life…everything is moving, ever changing… It is the very ebb and flow of life…Our bodies are designed to move and are capable of amazing things…However, if we trap ourselves in isolating movements and routines…we just become stagnant in a different way…a different version of trapped…

Coach Yari has taught me that movement is life itself and it is a gift and a privilege to move our bodies… And when we move in a way that feels good… results come…results beyond what we thought were possible. Freedom is rediscovered and all that energy and time spent stressing about our weight is now freed up to do what matters most…the reason WHY we want to lose the weight to begin with…to LIVE!


I’ll be back with you tomorrow sharing on one of my favorite elements- Mindset!

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