Recently while exercising I sustained an injury. Typically speaking, this is not something that causes us to overflow with excitement…But, oddly enough that is exactly what happened to me! It was not that I was overjoyed I was experiencing this pain…But, I was bubbling over with gratitude for the POWERFUL insights this allowed me to receive…that I now get to share with you!

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So, what exactly is pain? – Pain is something that shows up in our physical experience to allow us to reflect on the smaller signs we may have been ignoring.  We have heard the whispers but have chosen not to listen and BAM! Pain enters our reality making it impossible to silence that voice any longer. 

I am all about ACTION and sometimes I forget that in all things there needs to be balance… Currently, I am in the process of moving adding to my already super fun but BUSY schedule. My body shows me so much love by supporting me in all that I do and in the craziness of my schedule I had forgotten to take the time to show my body the love and support it so deserved and needed.  

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So what happens is this – Imagine within our body we have a pain cup – our cup fills accordingly to the amount of stress we endure. As we allow time for relaxation and decompression our cup empties… 

Essentially – Too much accrued stress + not enough decompression =Not enough space created for balance = our pain cup overflows = Pain! 

However this does not have to be a terrible thing! In fact pain is a defense mechanism there for our survival…It quite literally causes us to SLOW down…because obviously we didn’t hear the message the first few times! 

If pain is showing up in your life it is bringing you an opportunity to see things differently. What is it your body is telling you? My body is telling me to S L O W down…and that is exactly what I am doing…I am increasing my time in mediation and pampering myself with some bodywork, and hot baths. What is it that you can do to show your brilliant beautiful body some love? 

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