It has always been my philosophy in fitness, as in all things, to BE the change you wish to see in the world. I understand that sometimes knowing exactly how to move forward from this space can seem a bit unclear…even overwhelming. But, today I am writing to you with an AMAZING opportunity to create change in a miraculous and wondrous way. Not someday…But,today! Not with an immense amount of resources but simply your heart, your intentions, and a small amount of time.  

Right now is the perfect time to create love and BE the healing in our world.

I know that I have some of the most heart-centered and purpose driven friends so it is my honor to extend this invitation to you.

Please  join my friends all over the globe along with myself to create

A Resonance of Healing on August 13, 2016

The Sacred Water Tribe,(which is basically just a bunch of totally rad people that get together and volunteer their time with the purpose of healing our water) is offering a large water ceremony for Lake Okeechobee in Florida and we would like to create this opportunity for synchronized water ceremonies to occur all over the planet on the same day. Pretty Cool Right?!

So let us look a little deeper into this so we can fully understand the power of this opportunity.

What Is The Purpose Of A Water Ceremony?

Water is the great connector of all life. So even if you are not directly next to a body of water, you are still connected…to water and to others.

By gathering together many people at the same time, with the SAME intention of Love & Gratitude we will create a powerful RESONANCE that will have a purification effect on water and humanity. AMAZING!


The current scientific research presented by the world’s leading water scientists at supports Dr. Emoto’s Water Memory Theory by demonstrating water’s ability to record,store and transmit all wave information it receives.

What does that mean? Basically Dr. Masaru Emoto rocked the world of  water research with his discovery that water is indeed influenced by energy. He was able to capture some visually stunning crystal photography demonstrating that very thing.

It turns out Dr. Emoto did not “discover” this rather he uncovered it as Indigenous tribes and Native American elders have spoke of this for ages…we just chose not to listen. It is something that they have never forgotten and yet we are just beginning to hear their whispers and slowly we are remembering.


Many of you may know that water makes up 75% of the human body in volume and a whopping 99% on a molecular level. This is why it is so very important to understand the functioning and health of the human body as it relates to the health of the planet.

As we begin to have a deep understanding for water – We begin to have a deep understanding of ourselves.

What can you do? (This is where it gets juicy- this is your chance to BE!)

Together, let us offer prayers of love and gratitude for reconciliation for any of our actions or emotions that may have been out of alignment with peace and harmony. This is so simple yet so powerful for our health and the planet’s health to create peace on earth.

You can participate in any of the following ways that calls to your heart:

  • Join me in person at the Venice Beach Ceremony on August 13th @ 5pm . Also if you can sing or play an instrument and wish to utlilize your talents in such a powerful healing way  MESSAGE ME HERE for more details! 
  • Join the Sacred Water Tribe in person in Delray Beach on August 13th.
  • Create your own water ceremony on August 13th.  Water ceremonies can be simple and from your heart or you can follow an outline that we will provide.  Also, check out Sacred Water Tribe videos to see real life ceremonies.  
  • Join a local water ceremony already happening in your area.  We will be updating the locations on the website shortly.  So far, we have many in the United States, Malaysia, Australia, Mexico, Montenegro, Peru and Hawaii. So many choices – See the links below!
  • Join in meditation between 9:00 a.m.- 11:00 a.m. in your time zone on August 13th.  You can meditate in your own style or we will be posting a meditation created specifically for this gathering on the website.  Or, you can simply recite Ho’oponopono (the ancient Hawaiian practice for forgiveness) for the water.  Water I am sorry, Water please forgive me, Water thank you, Water I love you.
  • Share this message!

Namaste my friends ~ The Divine Light in me acknowledges the Divine Light in you…Let us come together from our heart space and collectively heal and show immense gratitude for our sacred water and our sacred self. Please Join Me!

With Love & Gratitude,

Coach Yari


Global invite:

Delray Beach Invite:

Venice Beach Invite:  Please message me @ so I can send you an invite!Our website:

Please register on the website for whichever option works for you so that we can track the powerful response to this gathering.  We also have more details for you upon request.

“Water is the blood of our mother earth.  It is our honor to support the purification of our divine mother. We are sacred water.”