I recently received some news that shook my world…But, within all things there is a gift if we choose to see it. Intertwined with the sadness and the shock that came from learning that one of my dear students passed away far too soon was this powerful realization – 

In this life we come, we go, and what matters most is the impact you can have on someone’s life by the way you were. How you show up. The co creation and experiences you have with one another. 

And that is why I am writing to you my dear friend…because so many of us go through this life and feel as if we are merely a character in someone else’s story.  Our days spent on auto-pilot simply going through the motions of life not truly LIVING the life we dream about. Sound familiar? 

I am here to offer you another perspective, another way: A shift that takes you from feeling powerless to POWERFUL.

You get to decide WHO YOU WANT TO BE and HOW YOU WANT TO SHOW UP at any given moment…Whatever you tell yourself, you are!

You are NOT who you were last year, yesterday, or even a moment ago.  In this moment you get decide how you want to show up in this world…

YOU are your own creation and this creative process is incredibly simple – if we allow it to be! 

Please take a moment and ask yourself: Are you currently experiencing life as the YOU, you wish to be? 

  1. How are you showing up in the world? – What is it that you are telling yourself daily? What actions are you taking? How are other’s experiencing you?

Now answer this. . .

2. How do you WANT to show up in the world? – What words would this version of yourself choose to speak? How about actions?

Take a moment to spend with you answers…Be honest, be BRAVE and BE BOLD. Stand in your POWER. 

Take a look at your answers to questions 1 and 2 – Do they align?

If Yes, then Awesome! If no, then that’s perfectly awesome too…Because you can shift this in any given moment. Let’s walk through the process together…

1.  Take a moment and breathe…Observe your breath for 5-10 good deep ones.  Do you feel that?

  • every inhale – infinite possibilities…
  • every exhale – an opportunity to let go — to release old beliefs and stories that no longer serve you.  

2.  Determine how you wish to show up in the world.  Now, write it down!

3.  Think the thoughts, speak the words and take inspired action every day that align with this in every circumstance. 

4. Rinse and Repeat! That’s how you become it! 

BOOM! It is really that simple! 

-Above is my mantra, or what I tell myself all the time… for now, since I can  change it at any time. For now, this is how I wish to experience my life, as it makes me feel happy to be like a butterfly.  An example of this is when I show up somewhere like a party;  I flap my wings, smile, dance, flirt and connect with everyone I want to and enjoy every moment. I don’t  allow for the music, or the enviroment or the people to affect me, I affect it. I am fully free. I create my own experience.  Can you see how you can do the same? Can you see how powerful this is? 

It’s the same as when people do my program. They are the ones that show up for the program and work the program. It is in the mindset where the magic happens. My program is a set of tools to facilitate the process, but it’s the mindset that makes all the difference. And as you begin the program, I am teaching from the beginning how to get in that mindset. 

 What workout can you do to experience life in a lighter, more energetic way, while at the same time develop a strong, resilient, killer body? 

One cannot grow, create new or get better without challenging the normal or pushing the boundaries.  If you don’t,  you stay the same, and in fact, you start going in a downward spiral.  

In order to create lighter and more energetic body and mind, I believe in challenging the body, not for long, but rather short bursts of higher output activity during the workout so you can experience a lighter and more energized self when you do your regular activities. If you can do it in your workouts, it also transfers into your life. You will absolutely be able to handle life’s stress with greater capacity and ease. 

Here is a very simple, yet powerful leg workout that you can do in less than five minutes is enough to begin experiencing yourself differently! 

 Ready to Show Up? Click Here for your workout!

With Love and Dedication,

Coach Yari

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