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Today is our last day in this four-part series and Krissy is back with us today speaking on Soulset!

Please read below to hear her powerful, heartfelt sharing on this element and why she describes it as “the secret ingredient” to her success.

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Today is bitter sweet – It is our last day together breaking down The SoulBody Method…BUT, I also get to share my favorite element with you!

You know when you are eating something so delicious, better than anything you have ever tasted before? You can tell there is something different about this recipe, an extra special ingredient that makes whatever it is the most savory thing that has ever passed your lips.

That, my friend, is EXACTLY what Soulset is to The Somebody Method…Soulset is that extra special secret ingredient that makes The SoulBody Method so powerful and effective…and it is no secret anymore!

So what exactly is Soulset?

It is very common knowledge that to be of optimal physical health we must nurture our body through proper nutrition and movement…More awareness is even rising in how we need to nourish our mind through the books we read, the conversations we have,etc.

Something is still missing, the formula is incomplete. We are NOT just physical beings…and It is equally important that we take the time to nourish our soul…

I can hear you asking… How does feeding my soul have anything to do with with me losing weight? I thought the very same thing.

We are amazing beings; mind, body, and soul...All three parts when in balance work together in harmony. However, when we begin to neglect just one of these elements the other two suffer. When we ignore what it is our soul is calling us to do – we get stuck.

  • Stuck mentally – causing depression, anxiety, etc.
  • Stuck physically – manifesting as illness, injury, and/or extra weight.

We then enter into this vicious cycle of “efforting” or resisting and trying to restore this balance. This never works…Trust me I tried efforting for years…I am betting you have too.

How Soulset Works-

When we take the time to feed our soul, to do something that bring us joy, it naturally restores the balance within us…We are far too consumed by joy and the magic in the moment to seek out and fill that void with food, gossip, or whatever it may be that is holding us back. In the space of joy things begin to flow.

I shared with you the other day that my dad recently passed away. It was not something that was sudden and the last few days were challenging…My brother, sister, mother, and I were there with him by his side through those days. One early morning around 4:30 am we began to play songs that we listened to as a family growing up, this evolved into a 5:00 am dance party…We laughed, we cried, we loved, we healed.

This is what soulset looks like…My soul said dance, so I danced…

Before I may have went into the kitchen and devoured a package of Oreos or projected all of my pain onto someone else…Now I listen, now I dance.

What is your soul calling you to do?




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