Wow! It’s been a little while since I’ve written. It’s longer than my usual, but totally worth the read. It’s powerful, so get ready. Maybe take notes!

I had to sit in stillness for a while to let new information come through. I’ve not forgotten about you, I simply had to take a moment to listen and tune in. In the past I’ve been driving with a fierceness as if life was going to escape me if I didn’t do it right away as if time was fleeting. Maybe you’ve been there too. I mean, we’ve got lots on our plates – don’t we? Always keeping busy, doing what we think we are supposed to do to get “there”, and a long to-do list. But, could this busyness be part of the reason your body is holding onto weight, getting sick more often than you’d like, leaving you feeling drained and fatigued, or experiencing more chaos in your relationships?

As you may already know, the way I approach the body comes from a whole perspective, not an isolated one. To transform the body in a sustainable way it requires more than movement. That’s why I teach 4 elements in the SoulBody Method- Mindset, Movement, Nutrition and Soulset.

I don’t just look at the body in terms of working on one particular body part such as your biceps or thighs, I train the entire body and it so happens biceps and thighs are involved. I also understand the body as a sacred, highly intelligent materialized form of energy and and it takes on the form of the energy of thoughts, beliefs and suppressed feelings. (Stay with me here) These thoughts and beliefs can either be light, expansive and positive or heavy, dense, stuck and negative. So to only train the body on the outside still leaves out the most important part in true transformation – the mindset and soulset. The body is here to serve you as your vehicle and also your messenger – it tells you everything you need to know.

For example: Let’s say you are overweight and are uncomfortable with your body and appearance. You get on one of the popular diets out there and begin an exercise regimen. You then begin to see changes in your body at the beginning, your mood gets a bit better, you feel happier. So far so good! Then as you gain this new energy, you’re like, “Oh, I get to now work more and harder because I can. Great!” As you are on your way to achieving more of your goals your to-do list will also expand. . . as does your stress levels. But, we keep pushing through, right? Because that it what we have programmed to do. . . Then one day all the sudden a circumstance will happen that triggers you. Perhaps someone says or does something you disagree with and this sends you into a reactive mode. Now you notice the happiness and mood elevation you had just recently acquired is now slowly but surely leaving you. Motivation begins to go down. The diet and exercise program now becomes too difficult (in part because it felt restricting, depriving or stressful). You are now spiraling back to where you started and are left wondering why is this all happening?

Here is where it gets good and we can begin to reclaim our true power…

This cycle happens because there is an underlying program you have not yet addressed. The program of “When I have the body, then I’ll be happy. When I get the car or the house, then I’ll be happy. When I get the guy/girl, then I’ll be happy. When I get more money then I’ll be happy.” You have been programmed to believe that YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH. This is the program (more like a virus) that will always cause everything in your life to be fleeting and never permanent. Because NOTHING…absolutely NO THING outside of you will ever bring you true happiness. And your body, being the brilliant, responsive vessel it is, will reflect your programming right back at you! If your program includes thoughts that are heavy, stressful, judgmental, and broken. . .Your body will also appear either heavy, broken or dis-eased (not at ease). These types of thoughts you are having are created from fear which will cause pressure and judgement of the self. This self-judgement will creep into your mind with thoughts such as, I am not enough, I am not loved, I am not supported, and I am not safe. And this very judgement of self is the underlying motivation for you behaving or doing things the way you do. While this may have served you to some degree in your life, it is clear based on your bodily symptoms it is no longer serving you to come from that thought pattern. You can choose to continue to ignore it or take the opportunity to see what is going on. AND there is a way to change that pattern! Time to download a new program. . .Time to upgrade!

Come from the Inside-Out Instead of the Outside-In

1.Awareness– There has to first be a recognition of the thought pattern you are having. Are you doing things because you are joyous and excited to express yourself as your highest self (the true you) or are you doing it to prove something, to satisfy someone else, or think that acquiring that will make you happier?

2.Shift in Perspective – Once you become aware, you get to choose to have a change in perspective. Instead of thinking you are not enough, You get to choose a reality that you know you are already whole and complete. And then you do things because you honor, love and respect yourself not to complete yourself- you already are complete!

3.Practice – Once shift happens…you practice! You practice coming from your new perspective. Instead of trying to get something in return for your actions, you do it without an expectation of something in return. NATURALLY your body will shift and so will your life. You become a person who gets to infuse love into others. . . Because now you know, that love is what you are and have been all along. You are complete – roger, copy that?

In more practical terms ….

MOVEMENT: Workout NOT to lose weight or be in shape. Workout because you were born to move, expand, express, explore and are parallel to life which is in constant movement. Workout to move the stagnant energy, to create a lightness instead of stuck heavy energy. Workout to FEEL GOOD and in turn the weight will come off and you’ll find yourself in shape. And be less concerned with the latest fitness craze and be more truthful as to what calls out to you. – Is it doing one of my online programs, is it a yoga class, getting a bike to use instead of your car, is it walking outside, is it joining the kickball team? What is it that makes your body feel light and brings you joy?

NUTRITION: Instead of dieting or restricting yourself choose to shift your perspective, to EAT to nourish, heal, and align with the amazing energy of a being you are. I mean you are a miracle, so eat like a miracle 😉 What foods make you feel good? What foods can you let go of that don’t feel so good to your body? When you think of dieting, restriction and deprivation, you are causing stress upon yourself which then makes you want to do the opposite. And you don’t have to do all at once, simply upgrade one thing or a few things to start. It could look something like maybe choosing organic food or buy all whole food instead of processed boxed food. Maybe it could be drink more water or eat more at home instead of out. So what one thing comes up for you that you can do?

SOULSET: Instead of thinking you have to work like a horse to get things done, take a step back, and do something fun! You will be pleasantly surprised that when you allow yourself to play you’ll be more productive. . . because now your mind has space.

MINDSET: Whatever you do come from a place of love. Come from a place of “I have an opportunity to show up, GIVE the best of myself and while this may not be the exact place I want to be I will make the most of it and create space for the place I want to be and align more with my gifts, talents, and abilities”

And When challenging circumstances come up, instead of being reactive as you have been in the past, ask yourself what it is you are believing that is causing your reaction. Because the thing is, it’s never personal towards you. It just shows up so you can heal the belief you’ve been programmed with that is limited. There may be times you don’t understand what that particular belief may be and when you find yourself there simply say “I am willing to see things a different way”. This is my go-to phrase when I am feeling unclear and it is amazing how things will begin to shift when I am willing.

***This very newsletter is a very testament to that of which I just spoke of. I’m not writing this newsletter because I’m supposed to send one out to you every week. I am not writing this because of the thought if I don’t you’ll drop off my list. I’m writing this newsletter to you because I want to simply share my insight to empower you.

I write Because doing this lights my spirit up. Nothing more.

With all my love,

Coach Yari

P.S. If you have thoughts shoot me an email. Also I will be sending out info on my next transformative online SoulBody Method 21 Day program soon so keep your eyes peeled. A couple peeps that did my last round lost 14 and 15 lbs and were quite surprised by it since it felt “effortless”.