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In just 21 days, I lost 5 lbs., lost 1 inch on my waist, gained muscles in my arms, abs, legs, and back, and gained a new outlook on my life. I’m stronger, healthier, happier, and I feel free – free from the fear that I couldn’t change my body, free from the fear that I couldn’t be my ideal self, and free from the fear that I wasn’t good enough.
– Kimberly R.



I feel lighter physically, mentally and spiritually.  In just the first week of working with Yari, I lost 15 lbs and 4 inches off my waist. I am sore but in a good way and the fact that I am seeing such results is unbelievable in that amount of time.
– Heidi

heidi before and after


I have tried many other programs and could not stick with them, Insanity, you name it….just too intense, NOT personal enough and I know it probably does work, but it was giving me a heart attack with too much cardio and not much else. Yari is your Professional Personal Trainer that motivates you and keeps you motivated till you can carry yourself. It’s the whole package, you don’t need anything else, it should cost more to change your life this much.

– Ryan B.

After plateauing for over a month, and knowing the vicious cycle of gaining and losing the same 35 lbs two other previous times, I knew I needed help!!! In steps Coach Yari’s SoulBody Method program! After completing just two weeks of the program, I melted 11 pounds off my body and shaved 3 1/2 inches off my waist!
– Krissy S.


Want to achieve amazing results like Krissy, Ryan and Heidi?

All I can say is, if you or you know of anyone who has been searching for a way to lose weight AND gain complete confidence in order to have a more fulfilling life, then the SoulBody Method program is for you!
– Bonnie R.

I can’t get over the difference 12 days can make, my body is tightening, skin has completely cleared up and I have SO much more energy. The biggest thing for me though, has been the major attitude adjustment! In fact a complete change of heart. This programme has renewed my faith in people, in good health…and most of all myself.
– Lana M.

At the time I started the program, I had a 4 year old and a 4 month old. I wasn’t feeling like myself. I had the extra weight of pregnancy lagging around and I was just “mommy”. I wanted to be Tara again.  but then I realized again….it’s not lost pounds that make the difference in appearance it’s how the pounds sit on your body that is most important. I started the SoulBody Method program in April 2013 and by our annual family vacation to the beach in July 2013 I was perfectly comfortable in my skin.
– Tara


I’m a mother of 3 little kids and my life is chaotic. I am learning to live a life with less anxiety through meditation and focused breathing. I learned this through Coach Yari’s SoulBody Method. I am feeling much more confident and stronger inside and out.
– Linz

linz before and after copy

Want to achieve amazing results like Lana, Tara and Bonnie?

I lost 15 extra lbs. over the summer with your workouts and continue to feel the most healthy, fit and energized of my life. Keep doing what u do and keep inspiring!
– Mikaela F.

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Everything is getting more routine than sacrifice and how I told you before the most part of all this I’ll keep for all my life…it was better than I expected!!! Feeling better, stronger, healthier and just for consequence of all this I lost 10 pounds!! And now more than be in shape I care more about the way I’m eating and living! December 13, 2012 Hey everyone!!…That’s my day 3 and so far so good! Sounds nothing just 3 days but you know what? I’m feeling awesome already! I don’t feel hungry and tired during the day (how I used to feel when I did a wrong diet), yesterday at dinner time I couldn’t even eat everything, and seems that my desire for sweets and desserts are disappearing. The workout is getting harder and challenging me more and more. I’m sweating more than when I used to spend hours at the gym. And the best part, I don’t feel I’m losing my time doing that, it’s becoming more and more pleasure wake up every day at 5:30 am to work out before go to work. Other point, I’ve had meditation before. But today in the morning after workout I felt something that I’ve never felt before…my body was relax and even if I still had some thoughts that bored me I was kind of sleeping but it was not that, it’s hard to explain but I was feeling sooo good!! (I put a meditation song to help though) I can’t wait to see that I’m also losing weight and seems that it’s gonna be just a consequence of all those amazing things that are already happening!! 😉 • November 28, 2012

Gabriella S.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!! I’m thankful for the opportunity to change my life and feel amazing with Coach Yari ♥ ♥ have a wonderful day!! Don’t hate me….but I am most def. having pie today #workitofftomorrow • November 22, 2012 I’m down 3 pounds and love it, my stomach is starting to look nice and lean again!! Also, eggs and turkey bacon are my jam haha love this! ♥

Kat E.

HEY! I just went to put on my jeans – first day it’s been remotely cool enough to wear them in months – and THEY ARE TOO BIG! YAHOO! I have nothing to wear! • September 6, 2012

Heather F.

Coach Yari, you have done a tremendous job in putting together all of your years of research, experience and hard work so that people like me could benefit at such an accelerated rate. I felt changes and shifts in my mindset, my body and in my heart when I least expected it during these 21 days. How cool is that! I have abs underneath there. Who knew?!
– Jasmine B.

I have lost 8% body fat since I began working out the Coach Yari way!!! Had to replace all my pants, none of them fit anymore 🙂 I gotta admit, I was pretty sore today but it was so nice to start out my day with Yari’s affirmation quotes/movie clips because I couldn’t help but get excited about having the opportunity to do something today and right now that will get me once step closer to making my dreams come true.
– Daniella R.

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