If you want to tighten and tone your body fast, this workout is for you!

Whether you are strapped for time or don’t want to think too much about your workout, here is one I did myself the other day… and was killer!

Exercise 1: (See Chart) Squat with medium to heavy weight, either using a barbell (for a traditional back squat) or dumbbells. You have to be able to do anywhere between 12-15 squats. Less than 12 reps means it’s too heavy and more than 15 reps means it’s too light.

This exercise is a fully functional exercise (we do this type of movement in our everyday lives) where the legs, glutes, and core are the main targeted areas. Yeah, that’s pretty much 3/4 of your body, so it requires a lot of muscles coming to play. Which in turn means that there will be major fat and metabolic burning!

Exercise 2: Burpee. My favorite! (Click Here for Demonstration)

This in my opinion is one of the most complete full body exercises that exist. It works out chest, triceps, shoulders, back, legs, core, and a bunch of other little muscles that have to work synergistically with the bigger muscles. In addition it is a high intensity exercise which will help work your heart muscles and lung muscles. By placing high demands of oxygen you then go into oxygen debt (panting trying to catch your breath) and in turn, your body has to continue to burn a ton of calories after you are done in order to repair itself. So while you are sitting at your office or at home you are still burning fat calories!

Here is the workout:

    1. 12-15 Barbell or Dumbbell Squats – make sure that you are using good technique and medium weight
    2. Followed by 10 Burpees – as fast as you can.

**Allow your breathing to calm down. So take anywhere from 30 sec. to 1.5 minutes of rest between sets.

Do 10 total sets. If you are a beginner, do 5 sets.

There you have it!  Get to it and do your best!