In order to Give Love to others You Must Love yourself first!
I simply wanted to express to you my deepest gratitude and love for being here with me. We have a connection every time you read my newsletter. I send every newsletter with love, gratitude, and purpose.
My intention is always for your health and well-being to be the very best it can be and your spirit be filled with joy and happiness- And Yes I do this mainly by teaching you about the body because the body and your well-being are what allow you to move throughout this life in the way you want to experience it.
If you want to experience your most amazing life, you better believe that your well-being is what matters most.
Top 10 Ways to LOVE YOURSELF
1. Honor Yourself- Do things Resonate with you. Don’t do things that are out of integrity with who you are.
2. Exercise- When you exercise you are showing love to your body because the body needs movement. By not giving your body movement it gets stuck with emotions and begins to hold onto excess weight or fat that doesn’t serve you. Movement is Life. Life is ever evolving and so your body needs movement to evolve with life so it is always in a constant flow, a dance of joy, expansion, creativity, and love.
3. Feed your body foods that nourish and support it. Being in support of your body is a way to show yourself that you are important.
4. Tell yourself that YOU ARE Amazing, Fabulous, and Wonderful. Give yourself compliments all the time. Say it till it becomes you.
5. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. By showing love to others you are showing love to yourself because we are all one, there is no difference between you and others, they are simply expressing themselves uniquely different just as you are.
6. Meditate. Meditation is a way to let go of the resistance that doesn’t allow you to be you in your highest vibration. Being in your highest vibration and energy allows you to remember your most Loving self! The Real YOU! When you are under stress, worry, overwhelm, that is not who you really are, they are thoughts and beliefs that you have taken on, so by meditating it allows for mental clarity and space to be the observer not the reactor.
7. Appreciate. Appreciate. Appreciate. This allows you to get yourself to be more loving and joyful.
8. Do What brings you Joy and makes you happy! No one can make you happier than yourself.
9. Treat Yourself. You deserve to give yourself gifts. You are a gift to the world so, a gift for a gift!
10. Surrender, Forgive, ASK- Whenever you are stuck, stagnant, sad, hopeless, fearful, or even depressed become aware, surrender those feelings (let go), for-give, and ASK your higher self, God or the Universe to bring you back peace.
Now that is Loving Yourself!
Cheers my friend! Pick one you can do right NOW!
Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you to pieces!