I’m so excited to help and guide you this New Year so you can achieve the healthy and beautiful, fit, healthy, strong, energetic body you deserve to have!

Today I want to share with you the foods and drinks I love and consume often. This will give you an idea of why I keep in shape all year round- at least the nutritional aspect of it. This is so you can gain new perspective and possibly adopt a few of these healthy habits I mention and replace ones that are not supporting your body and health.

  1. Kombucha! I absolutely LOVE it! It’s a super healthy and tasty effervescent fermented tea drink with tons of probiotics (good bacteria), amino acids, and enzymes. I love this drink because sometimes you want to have something bubbly similar to soda (at least I do) and this actually makes you feel amazing and energetic. It’s great for the middle of your work day! It also naturally suppresses appetite in a healthy way.
  2. Water! I drink lots of water and I tend to drink it from bottles (BPA-free) instead of glasses or cups simply because it allows me to keep more accountable with how much water I drink. Ideally you want to drink about 2 oz. of water per Kilogram of Body weight ( Your weight divided by 2.2). And when I sit down I do like adding lemon to my water cause it feels so good and it’s very cleansing for the body overall.
  3. CHOCOLATE! I have a new favorite brand: Cocoa Well Longevity or Cocoa Science Dark Chocolate. I love it because of the amazing ingredients. Plus its Fair Trade and Organic.
  4. Hummus! I Now only get this One brand because it’s the only one that does not upset my stomach and partly I’m sure it’s because of the ingredients (no tahini like the original recipes) and the fact that it’s sprouted! It has won 6 Years in a Row for Best Food Award! It’s called Majestic Sprouted Hummus and I also love their Majestic Garlic Spread.
  5. Whey Protein Shakes! Seriously this is the best stuff to get you up in the morning, or pre and post workout. Warrior Whey . Every once in a while I take a break from them for like a week or two, just so I don’t develop an intolerance to it as it has occurred in the past. When I did, I took a 3 month break from it.
  6. Green Juice! OMG I’m hooked! Seriously I can tell the difference when I don’t drink it. I drink it at least 4x-5x a week. My favorite green juice is composed of mainly celery, a few carrots, green apple, lemon, spinach or kale, and sometimes I like ginger in it. Super Cleansing for the body and Highly recommend it! The other thing is to either make it yourself or go to a place where they make it right then and there or where they have packaged it that day cause juice loses the nutrients the more exposed to oxygen it is. I usually make mine at home and chug it!
  7. Veggies! I love brussel sprouts, asparagus, kale, spinach, onions, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms. These are all organic, the only two I would say is ok to get non organic would be asparagus and onions. For me I try and chose all organic no matter what because I want to support the earth and the farmers 😉
  8. Organic Pasture Fed Eggs! Oh yeah! The Best Kind to get for full on Omega 3 (anti-inflammatory and for your brain) The hens roam outside all day and eat worms and grass like they are supposed to. One of the Best sources of protein. I like Vital Farms brand, Mary’s, or I get it straight from the farmers market.
  9. Applegate Farms Organic Deli Meats/Bacon/ Pasture Fed Beef Hot Dogs. I like good sources of meat. Yep NO nitrites, antibiotics, hormones, humanely raised, family farm, minimal processing. I just truly support companies that are forward thinking and care!
  10. Wonderfully Raw Gourmet Delights- Coco Roons – OMG! These are the greatest little treats ever! Whenever I have a sweet tooth, and don’t want dark chocolate, this is my go to. With one or two, that’s all I need.
  11. Coconut Water- I grew up with coconut water since I was a kid in Puerto Rico, so I like the taste. The fact is that it’s super healthy and hydrating. Seriously do your research on coconut water! I don’t drink a ton and not every day, just when I feel like it. I like to have it in my fridge for intense workouts or when I can’t sleep. Yeah, I find that when I can’t sleep it’s great because of the magnesium it contains and magnesium is good for sleep. I like coconut water either straight from the coconut or I like the brand Taste Nirvana Coconut Water in glass container.
  12. Avocado! I swear I must eat it every day. Probably half of a hass small avocado a day. Great source of Fat! It’s grounding!
  13. TEA!! Green Tea is a must in my house! Usually full leaf tea is what I buy. Brands I like are Art of Tea, Reishi, and Mighty Leaf.
  14. Oregano/Garlic- I love to season my food with these two herbs. They are great for immunity too! Garlic is super healing and has been used since ancient history to treat illnesses like diabetes, heart attacks, respiratory conditions, cholesterol, and even used in the Olympics in Greece as a performance enhancer. (1)
  15. Himalayan Sea Salt- We can’t live without salt. Fact. And Himalayan salt has amazing health benefits. This is the only salt I buy at home. It has all the 84 elements found in your body! Check out some of the health benefits in the #2 resource (below):
  16. Organic Basmati White Rice- I love white rice. It is super calming. I eat it when my body needs to calm down and to relax. I eat it mainly at evening hours because this is the time when I would want to wind down. I probably eat rice 3x a week. I think complex carbs are important, but carbs is definitely the least of the things I eat.
  17. Corn Thins by Real Foods brand. I like these! . They are NON- GMO (again I’m pro earth and pro healthiest body ever!) and gets that crunch that you need sometimes. Only 4 grams of carbs in each. I like them with tuna or coconut oil (tastes like popcorn), hummus, deli, or almond butter
  18. Maca Powder- Gives me energy. great for pre workouts! Also for peeps with thyroid or low libido, you may want to’ look into this.
  19. Women’s Greens Powder- I use this Superfood powder in my PT shake! Click HERE to get yours! Or if you are a man, get the Men’s Greens Click HERE and check out what it is!!
  20. Organic Cacao Nibs- I truly love chocolate. I use this inside my protein shake. Gives me antioxidants and also a nice sense of energy.
  21. Sprouted Almonds- I love to have this around so I can grab a handful as a snack. Easy, on the go! I like to buy them sprouted because I can digest them better due to activated enzymes and are also alkaline, not acidic.

There you have it my friend! Go ahead and research a few of these items if you’d like. Next week I’ll share with you a list of supplements that are really helpful in getting fit, strong, energetic and super healthy.

With all my love and dedication,


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2. http://products.mercola.com/himalayan-salt/