Today I am coming at you with two short but very powerful exercises for your biceps and your legs.

Don’t think you have time to workout? Think again! 

All of my workouts are designed to deliver results without spending hours a day slaving away, freeing up more time to experience life and PLAY! 

So lets jump right in!

This first video is for those of you out there looking to grow your guns! If you are spending tons of time curling those dumbbells and not getting the results you desire there are a couple things I would like you to consider –  

1. Adaption Response – Basically what this means is that we need to shake things up!!! We know that if we want change, we have to challenge our bodies…But, what happens over time is that our bodies adapt to that challenge and it no longer responds the way it did in the past…So celebrate, you are getting stronger and it’s now time to give your body a new challenge!

2. Time under tension – This is something you may want to look into as part of your new challenge! So time under tension or TUT, refers to how long the muscle is under strain during a set. So one way to shake things up a bit would be to take the exercise in this video and instead of doing reps do it for a set period of time! Start with 30 seconds and then as you adapt increase your time up to 60 seconds. 

Click here to get your guns! 

Okay, time to show our lower body some love!

One of my greatest teachers once told me, “Our bodies know movement, not muscle”. This is why I never incorporate too much muscle isolation into my workouts. The body responds amazingly when we integrate as many muscles as possible into our movements. SO when you are doing a single leg squat…you are not simply engaging the hamstring or quad…you are incorporating your abs, your glutes, and improving your balance. When we do these types of exercises, like the one in the video, we not only gain lean muscle and the definition we desire we gain functional strength!

Functional strength is the good stuff that helps us get through every day life things with ease…like bringing in grocery bags or carrying our children around!SO when we do these types of movements we not only look good but we FEEL GOOD! 

If you want to get your legs stronger, more defined, have better balance, CLICK HERE to incorporate this simple yet powerful exercise!

So there you have it folks! Knowledge is POWER! The more we know the more effective we can become in our workouts no longer wasting time doing the same things that just are not delivering those results!

I would love to know what you think! Give these two workouts a try for a couple weeks and shoot me an email or message me on Facebook and let me know how your body is responding!

With Love and Dedication,

Coach Yari