It is my intention for this blog to educate you, motivate you , ignite inspiration, raise your awareness, provide you with tools so that you can bridge the gaps and achieve sustainable weight loss and achieve the body you want (the best version of you possible!) and live your life to the fullest in all of it’s magic!

Every so often you will find one of these!

I’m not here to just give you cookie cutter approaches that don’t ever work for the long haul. I’m also not here to give you things just on the surface. That’s like me teaching you only how to do crunches. No matter how many you do, you won’t get to see your abs if that is all you do. It is my JOY and pleasure to teach you from a deeper place so that you can find answers that are not so apparent.

On that note, I want to share a little story with you that recently occurred with the intention of answering a question you may have been asking yourself about a challenging time, whether to do with your body or your life as a whole cause it is all connected anyway. When you have a perceptual shift in seeing the light of a situation, your body also responds in being “lighter”.

It was Sunday, I was talking to my brother over the phone and was telling him of this inspired dream of swimming with the dolphins, in which I knew I had a short window of time to do because my friend Kim that lives in Hawaii will be gone for several months.

The intensity of this desire kept getting stronger and it was something I couldn’t shake, nor did I try to. I also knew that I didn’t have the money to go do this right now in my bank account. Soon after talking with my brother, my excitement and desire grew. Then the answer came very easily without much thought. It felt very peaceful and matter-of-factly. And I literally said OK, Here we go! As I eagerly and excitedly began to write My Dolphin Tale Birthday Wish Campaign to raise $1290 (to get a plane ticket and pay for my food) from I got it done fast and put it out there the following day! That’s when I knew it was inspired! Within an hour or so a close friend donated the first $20! – That felt so amazing!

Everything was going well… and then… I get a message from a close friend that is expressing his opinion of what I’m doing and how it’s “wrong”. I addressed it briefly, a bit surprised because of who it is.

Here is where it starts getting really juicy…

The next day, after much excitement and getting up earlier than usual, having a cup of fresh black cup organic coffee ( no sugar) in my “cup of awesomeness” and meditating, I open up my computer… FIRST thing that is on my feed is a friend that I had not seen on my feed In a long time. My thoughts are “ Oh cool, I wonder what he’s up to?”

As I begin to read, I almost couldn’t believe what I was reading. He was talking about me! and judging me! It was surreal! It was almost as if you are in a bathroom and you hear people talking about you, and then hear joking and laughing. Some people thought what I did was “brilliant” and others thought “How could she? I would never…” Although he didn’t mention my name when people asked, he said he would pm (personal message) them my campaign.

I sat calmly with it for about a minute to let go of any initial thoughts in which I felt were heavy.

Any other time in my life, I would have maybe attacked back and taken it to a personal level and brought out some things about him.

Instead, I am was more present and in a better place. I was at peace because I knew where the campaign came from was a very genuine, very honest place -with nothing to hide- completely comfortable in my nakedness.

I then transparently responded on his page. I opened with the statement: “….Yes Hi everyone, its ME the one who has set up a campaign for my b-day wish. The one that is being displayed as a target for judgement…I’d like to start with thanking you for the inspiration you gave me this morning…. It gives me an opportunity to share my perspective ….” and said my piece. I saw it as an opportunity to create awareness, not attacking, not to even change his personal opinion, but instead as a form of better understanding. Sometimes when people see the other side, they can make different decisions that will cause more desirable results in the future. I wont go into details cause it’s way too long and not important now.

In retrospect, a different way of handling that situation would have been to breathe it out and move about my day. No wasted energy. However, I’m happy I responded, otherwise I may not have been inspired to write to you about these very important lessons or possibly create awareness to where people can choose a more peaceful way.

A Lesson on Beliefs and HOW They Affect You

Before doing this campaign, I had thought many times over to make a very “worthy” campaign (lol) to help grow my business and thus be able to be seen by so many that need my help, but have been extremely resistant to do it because there was SO MUCH FEAR about failure, rejection, judgement, and so many limiting beliefs! My ego was always like “I don’t need help”, “ I can do this myself”, but ultimately those phrases come from a limiting place, a sense of separation that I’m alone in the world, that there is not enough to go around, that I’m not deserving enough, that one is not supposed to ask for help, … have YOU ever had these thoughts ? How about the belief “if you want to succeed you gotta work hard”, heard of that one too? And not that there’s anything wrong with any of these thoughts, because there is no right or wrong, its just that there are other thoughts that exist that feel way better!

There are two kinds of beliefs: Contractive or Expansive. They either make you curl and tense up, cutting you from breathing, in FEAR or lift your arms up and jump for joy.

How do they affect YOU?

The Expansive thoughts create a world of possibilities. But the Contractive ones, immediately shut you down, like the word “No”, cap you and keep you exactly where you are at, not allowing you to make any changes and even cut off your breathing. Breath is life! You then begin building the frustration, aggravation, and stress for not acting upon something you would like to do because deep inside you want to be free to do whatever the heck you want and be YOU! This will reflect in your body, in your health, in your relationships, cause that built up resistance has to go somewhere and so the energy that you will give off is exactly that – Crappy! And on the contrary thoughts like “I’ve never asked for help before but I am willing to accept help now” or “God created all equal, I am deserving” will have a completely different result!

It does take lots of practice and courage to let go and undo the “wiring” you have engrained -Thankfully, it’s pliable- it’s so Worth it in the end because you will live your life freely and full of joy! I promise! AS A BONUS, Your Body will change too! You will find yourself feeling healthy, energetic, lighter, confident with a pep in your step and even physically lighter because the body is a reflection of the energy that you have within. It will depend on how much resistance you are holding within!

Do you know where Resistance or F.E.A.R. comes from? YOUR HEAD! Yep it’s all made up! It is all based on beliefs that have been passed on from generation to generation which came from the exact same place- FEAR!

Do you know where LOVE comes from? An all encompassing expansive energy that you can feel in your Soul! A place that has no filter, no good and bad, no judgment – it just is.


My Magical “Dolphin Tale” Birthday Wish Came TRUE! (one that many may have thought was not worthy) I not only REACHED MY GOAL within three days of but surpassed it with flying colors! I raised $1400! I’m going swimming with the dolphins on October 9-15! It’s booked! THANKS TO Everyone who supported! Woo hoo!

It has made me so excited because I know what a magical ripple effect of good vibes for all that participated with their donation , giving money as a demonstration of their belief in me or some part of me. AND also for those who participated emotionally (without even saying it) holding a space of joy and happiness for me. They are EQUALLY as Valuable! The feelings of excitement, adventure, play, fun, love, freedom, laughter, coming together, all get activated within their energy, thus continuing to create so many positive things to take place that we don’t see. As for the dolphins in the wild, not held captive, also represent that and possibly the more people get to see and experience in the wild will create enough consciousness in the world to not hold animals in captivity. point is- the possibilities are endless.

Valuable Take Aways

When you come from a place of truth, vulnerability, authenticity, joy, excitement and follow your heart everything always works out for the highest good! Just know that even when you come from this amazing space, Some will accept you and others will not.

This is one of the beauties in life-contrast, (light and heavy) so that you can grow and learn from it, and and choose which one makes you feel better and be accepting of the other, knowing that it was there so you have the freedom to choose.

You can also continue to choose the experiences that make you feel bad, and that’s cool too. It will last depending on how long you choose to be miserable. eventually you’ll get so tired of it, that it’s either surrender and chose another way.

Just like Beauty and the Beast, she had to see and accept him fully and accept him in all of his ugliness to see the beauty within him and she had to be the mirror for him in order to see his own beauty.

Some Positive Lessons to get out of this:

  1. Go for your dreams, if it brings a smile to your face, go do it.
  2. Know that not everyone will agree, and continue faithfully being you
  3. When you feel stressed or constricted, notice it, and let it be an opportunity for you to shift this to get to a place where you feel expansive. What I say is “God, I am willing to see this a different way” and either right away or shortly after it happens. And, nowadays, because of so much practice, I do gain compassion fairly quickly without asking at times and can see the light in many situations.
  4. Your Body is a reflection of who you are being inside. If you are feeling heavy and uncomfortable in your own skin, you may want to look within. See where you are holding resistance and withholding energy flow. What is your self chatter? What are your limiting beliefs?

Lastly, here are some of my beliefs and maybe you’ll be inspired to adopt new ones and ones that feel better:

  • I believe in authenticity.
  • I believe in giving.
  • I believe in receiving and accepting.
  • I believe in the whole.
  • I believe in expansion.
  • I believe in good.
  • I believe in having fun, play, adventure.
  • I believe in getting out of our heads.
  • I believe in compassion.
  • I believe in doing things experientially to really know.
  • I believe in God and the Universal Energy that holds all of us together in the same light.
  • I believe in freedom.
  • I believe there is a beauty in everyone and everything.
  • I believe in facing fears to be set free.
  • I believe in taking risks.
  • I believe in people being who they are to their fullest unapologetically.
  • I believe in abundance and simplicity.
  • I believe in TRUSTING the PROCESS.
  • I believe in investing fully in your efforts and being completely unattached to the results.
  • I believe in ME.
  • I believe in YOU.

Personally, I’m not looking to fit in, I’m looking to rise above.