My philosophy behind The SoulBody Method is “When You FEEL Good, You LOOK Good”.

Feeling good lets you know that you are on path or in alignment and when you are in alignment with your truth , you feel good,and your body has no choice but to look as good as you feel. Whether you are overweight, sick or injured, in the vibration of feeling good, your body will find itself back to its ideal pure form or frequency. The body will manifest as light, vibrant, fluid, mobile, strong, healthy and let go of any heaviness, illness or dis-ease and stagnation. The other part my philosophy expresses is that it is a concentrated effort on the journey, moment to moment, not a focus , pressure or anxiety around the end result. Everything about this method revolves around authenticity and self love. Read through the options below, to find the best program for you to create a vibrant body, radiant soul, and everlasting results!

The SoulBody Method

The SoulBody Method is my signature online program and delivers results in just 21 days. This program doesn’t involve excessive exercise or harsh dieting, but is the culmination of my 15 years of experience helping hundreds of people all over the world release excess weight based on deeply studying exercise and nutrition, hands on experience and a practice of self love.

Private Coaching

Local to the greater Los Angeles area? Get one-on-one SoulBody Method access through private and group coaching programs. Schedule a free call with me to find out more, and see if we’re a good fit.

Soul Discovery Retreat

Join the second annual Soul Discovery Retreat in beautiful Hawaii, for a solid week of bliss, swimming with the dolphins, and so much more!