Today I am coming at you with this amazing Q & A session that I just had with one of my current students of The SoulBody Method, Elease.

Below Elease gives an honest account of some very real issues that most people get hung up on including:

  • Organic food – Is there a difference? Is it worth it?
  • Supplements – Are they necessary? Are all supplements created equal? 
  • Investing in yourself – How blocks can come up, how to overcome them, and the value in doing so. 

Elease could have easily allowed fear to keep her from taking action towards her dreams… Instead –she felt the fear and did it anyway!  As soon as I read her answers I knew I needed to share these powerful insights with you!

Let’s Dig In!!

1. CY: In terms of eating organic food, how does your body feel? Do you notice a difference (mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually?) and if so can you describe. 
Elease- Honestly, this was a first for me in regards to eating organic food. I always thought it was healthy to just eat more fruit and vegetables (Boy was I wrong). Organic food is the way to go… I feel Great! I have more energy, I can stay focused on task better. It’s more filling when I eat organic food. I eat smaller portions and I’m satisfied for hours. Before I’d be hungry or want a second serving of regular food because my appetite wasn’t satisfied.
2. CY: Did you have any initial hesitations around investing the extra money in supplements and organic food? How did you address those thoughts and has your thoughts around that shifted since the beginning of the 21 days and if so how? 
Elease- Yes, I was very hesitant to purchase the supplements. I never like taking vitamins, because even if I took them with food or after I ate, they always made me feel nauseous and I’d be burping up a nasty taste in my mouth all day that I didn’t like. Therefore, I’d avoid supplements. But, after reading Coach Yari say that the supplements were all natural and a person could even take them on an empty stomach with no nasty side effects I went ahead and purchased them. I believe the supplements have helped a great deal in repairing my immune system and for recovery after Coach Yari’s workouts.The Organic food taste so much better and is very satisfying. I used to buy so much take out food and never be satisfied. The money I spent on foods loaded with all types of chemicals vs buying Organic food kind of averages out in the long run, because you are satisfied with smaller portions with organic food; which means the food you buy lasts longer and goes further than the processed food that always have you craving more.
3. CY -In regards to the investment made for the total SoulBody Method program, how did you feel about that (spending money on yourself etc, too expensive? any thoughts you had at all….there are no right or wrong answers here ! ) How did you overcome those thoughts and have those thoughts evolved since the onset of the program? 
Elease- I was the type of person that worked hard and any extra money I had, I’d keep just in case my grown kids needed money to pay their bills or buy my grandchildren something. I would go without spending money on anything for myself to have the extra money to help them out. So in June everyone in the union received retro money that was owed to us. All my bills were paid and after going to see Coach Yari at the Human Garage; I felt like here I was just turned 50 years old and I wanted a change in my life and I deserved to make a change for the better. My Grandmother had passed away on May 28, 2016 and she was my rock. A person i could talk to and know she could keep it to herself. I wanted to have her watch over me and be proud of me. I needed to do something for myself to make me proud of myself. Spending the money to do the program hasn’t been a thought to me as to it being expensive. I started looking at all the money I’ve given to people in my family to help them and I felt and feel “I’m worth IT.” My Life is worth every penny I’ve spent and more. To be on this journey to know that I’m reaching my desires for more happiness, better health, longer life and a fitter and stronger body… you cannot put a price tag on that.
4. CY – What are some of the victories and biggest take-aways you have experienced since you have began the program? 

Elease- I enjoy organic food, I like to be challenged and I’m stronger than I ever thought I was. I am more focused and have stopped drinking coffee (I was a Starbucks Blackeye coffee drinker, no cream or sugar for years). I have more energy to burn. I’ve discovered why I was always gaining the weight back after I lost it. I got to the root of the problem. This program has had me reflect on the time when I was younger and at my happiest and thin. I never watched TV when I was younger, I was always at the park, bike riding, climbing trees to read books in, in my room listening to music and writing. I’ve gone back to living my life like I lived it back then and I’m really happy now. I really loved all of the motivation YouTube sites Coach Yari had us watch. Those helped me to keep going and Coach Yari as well… especially when I wanted to stop. I realized that I want to continue this amazing journey as much as I want to continue breathing to stay alive.

A HUGE shout out to Elease for her willingness to share this info in hopes she can help dissolve some of the fear surrounding these issues and inspire others to take the leap and say YES to their dreams too! 

I would love to know what you think about this interview! Do you have any any other questions you would like answered? Shoot me an email or message me on Facebook and lets work together on creating the life of your dreams!

With Love and Dedication,

Coach Yari

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